Saturday, July 21, 2007

Donut Academy

Thanks for all the replies and I hope for more responses on the survey below! Please click the previous post.. thanks!!

I really can't wait til the exams end and for the re-opening of school.

By then, I will most probably get my resources up and be able to start the Donut Academy Shop.. where YOU get the great indulging fun and experience to design and create your own donuts, and don't worry if you're lazy because we will also have them donuts made fresh in front of your eyes with the large pool of different ingredients that we're going to have.

It's all about added value, mass customization, more ingredients, more choices, best premium quality dippings, toppings and fillings and of course good texture and fluffiness in the dough.

So...please stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts ..and Survey!

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The Donut Fanatics Survey!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crashing In On The Donut Craze!

It's been awhile since I last blogged!

Well, just wanted to add some life and atmosphere here tonight by speaking about the Donut craze! Heh.

You see I was surfing on the nets for Donuts, checking out for different donut trends, shops, recipes, ideas.. And I came across this wonderful colorful Donut photo on Flickr taken by Sílfide

The blend of colors makes me want to munch in on them even more! Don't you feel the same too? Super-dooper-yummy!

Then I even came across an Indie Rock Community on MySpace called Donut Party.

It's really interesting to see that donuts can be mixed with rock n' roll music, and all the hype and passion driven into their local rock scenes and gigs - it's kinda interesting.

You know the kind of rock shows with bands playing and large crowds of people squeezing and enjoying themselves with body slam-dancing?

So you get the double experience of a really sweaty body-slammin' moshpit at a rock show whilst getting the FUN of filling your DONUT fantasies and stuff! Really fascinating, I thought.

So while the craze is still crashing in, I must hurry and run my Donut Academy:

Where YOU will have FUN and meet the HANDS-ON experience of creating YOUR OWN GOURMET DONUTS! :-)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Starting Up a Donut Business!

Hey guys!

I'm glad to be back to share with you some great news, heh. :)

It's been awhile since the last time I mentioned about launching a physical business - the last of which was supposed to be 'BreadFast' - a fast-food healthy sandwich business idea that Victor and I was supposed to be trying to run at my school - Ngee Ann Polytechnic. However, due to capital & financial restrains, certain food hygiene & legal restrictions, and tough competition faced against Campus Deli (Owned by Four Leaves Bakery)

Despite the suggestions from the current entrepreneur-connect manager for us to do some market-testing by first working out a system with the school canteen operator owners to try selling our sandwiches in the canteen for a start, we were unable to come together in conclusion for a good package/marketing plan that would suit the student market population of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Basically, we would have lost out to Campus Deli in terms to Economies of Scale in bulk-buying, etc and at the same time if we were to use differentiated marketing and sell Gourmet Healthy sandwiches, we would face difficulties and issues in product pricing, promotion in regards to the related demographics of the student population.

For example, people might like our sandwiches cause they're so damn good but because they cost $3.50-4.50, they probably would not want to eat it every other day but maybe only once-twice a week? That was too much risk for us to handle - the insufficient market share and demand, I thought. Furthermore, selling gourmet sandwiches would mean that it would be rather essential for us to create good brand identity/ a great shop layout which would mean a lot of added capital investment with physical infrastructure, etc!


with courtesy to

But O' sweet bloody genius!

Whoever thought that Sebastian(my other partner) would actually have came up with a totally brilliant new idea! And for that I'm sorry to say but at the moment, I can't share with you right now cause I'm afraid you would steal it from us! Heh ;)

But basically all I can say for now is that we will be coming up with a totally new, unique, funky, viral and distinctively cool concept of selling our DONUTS at Ngee Ann Poly!

We'ld be working alongside Smiling Orchid Bakery Singapore which is one of the largest, and reliable catering & bakery companies in Singapore.

Have you ever seen those crazy 3-4 hour queues at The Donut Factory, located at the basement of Raffles Place, City Hall?

You'ld understand how crazy and viral Donuts are, in Singapore at least, right now. :)

If you have any interesting ideas/comments to share about baking-or starting up a similar baking business or have any further enquiries and questions, do drop me an email at

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Fibre into Your Diets!

I did an article for submission recently and it's about the neglected importance of fibre in our diets. It's suited for those with health-related problems, especially towards eating disorders/overeating/diabetes/constipation and etc.

I thought it was a valuable piece of information that I knew about and I thought I could've shared it with you guys :)



Firstly, let us look into the issue here. What exactly, is fibre? Or for the matter of fact, we could be more specific and technical here – What is Dietary Fibre?

Ok, basically dietary fibre represents all the parts of plant foods that your body can’t digest or absorb! Amongst so – we have 2 big components to look at here which I shall mention below.

#1 Insoluble Fibre.

This is the type of fibre that increases the movement of material inside your digestive system and increases stool bulk, so it could actually benefit those who struggle with constipation or irregular stools! Examples of these would include Whole-wheat flour, wheat bran, nuts, lentils and raw vegetables.

#2 Soluble Fibre.

This type of fibre dissolves in water in your tract to help lower your blood cholesterol and glucose levels. You can find abundance of these in fruits like apples, oranges, anything citrus, carrots, barley, oats, peas, etc.
The amount of both types of fibre differentiates between the different plant foods – so the best way to optimize and enjoy the greatest health benefits would be to eat a balanced wide-variety of all of those fibre-packed foods!

#1 Fibre fights Constipation!

As fibre isn’t digested by your body, it passes through your small intestines and into your colon. This also means that it increases the weight and size of your stool and softens it so that your bowel could regulate passing of motion.

#2 Fibre Lowers Risks of Disorders!

Some people suffer from specific disorders like hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and development of small pouches in your colon. Fibre – especially soluble fibre could be your best friend here. It helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and slows the absorption rates of sugar – which helps lower glucose levels for people with diabetes, as it helps to improve the blood sugar levels. Thus, it also reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes!

#3 Fibre helps you with Weight Loss

As fibre-foods require you to spend more time chewing, it creates a psychological effect on your brain as well as your more time for your body to register that you’re no longer hungry so you’re less likely to overeat because you realize you’re full.

High fibre meals also tend to keep you fuller for a longer period of time because you don’t digest it! Also it has fewer calories as compared to the other types of food with the same volume.

Can we not see how important and useful fibre could be? Don’t we want to keep ourselves away from all the irritating times of constipation, feeling hungry, and lower our risk of getting into some uncertain disorders? Perhaps it’s about time we realize the importance of fibre intake in our diets today!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes

In courtesy of,

Chocolate Cupcakes

200 g dark chocolate
50 g butter
2 eggs
2,5 dl sugar
1 tsk vanilla sugar
1,25 dl flour
1 krm baking powder

100 g dark chocolate
½ dl whipping cream

1. Put the oven on 175° Celsius.
2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and blend with the melted butter. Whip eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar until it turns white, and pour the chocolate mixture into the bowl. Blend flour and baking powder and pour into the mixture.
3. Fill small cupcake tins with the mixture.
4. Bake in the middle of the oven for about seven minutes.
5. Now start with the icing: Crack the chocolate into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Warm the cream on the stove, and pour over the chocolate. Let it melt, and then cool down for a couple of minutes. Spread the cupcakes with the icing, and finish with sprinkles. If a present: put in a beautiful box and tie a ribbon around it.

For more about such recipes, read more here

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful recipe! :)


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5 Easy Tips to Picking Healthy Bread

It’s common to hear people say among themselves, “Should I eat Multi-grain or whole grain? Does the bread have enough fibre in it? Should it be thin-sliced/low-carb?” Then again when we make decisions upon getting bread products such as muffins, pancakes, wraps, bagels, and a whole bunch of other choices – our heads often end up in a whirlpool as we don’t know exactly what should we be buying!

Well, now let me share with you these wonderful tips for making a great choice then. The key is to keep your eyes pinned to the labels’ nutritional facts/ingredients. This guide is absolutely simple, and it will surely help you navigate to make the healthiest choice. (I'm just so health conscious, oh dear!)

#1 Let’s identify the Types of Flour

Whole wheat flour is the no.1 ranker in bread as it is made off complete grain, including the germ and the bran. That means, you would receive naturally from the grain all the healthy benefits!

Enriched wheat flour is flour that has been artificially enriched with certain nutrients that are lost in the procession of bread-forming, this often includes minerals like niacin, vitamin D, iron, calcium etc. You can say that despite adding back some of these nutrients; the bread still does not contain germ nor bran and isn’t as good as compared to the whole wheat flour!

Wheat flour looks and sounds similar to Whole wheat but does not contain the germ or the bran and therefore it is not entirely nutritious as whole wheat flour.

#2 Look out for the ‘Words’ on Labels

Often you see many types of words and ingredients listed on the labels – that keeps you confused as you don’t know exactly what to look out for to have yourself make the best choice whilst seeking the healthier option. Therefore, look out for breads that have the word “Whole” on the label. Bread with words like “Whole grain, whole wheat, stone-ground whole wheat” are kings upon making choices. These are the products that provide you the entire health benefits – as well as entire germ and bran.

#3 Read out the Ingredients List in Hierarchical Order

When you look onto a list of ingredients on a bread package, make sure you read it from top to bottom. This is because the first ingredient mentioned is always the largest amount which then descends by weight down the list until the last few ingredients. So now you know if the word “Whole wheat” appears far at the bottom on the list – it probably means that it contains very little content of that, however if it appears FIRST on the list – it has got to be rich and full of that ingredient. Pick those types of bread!

#4 Avoid bread Ingredient-marketing Gimmicks!

Sometimes you pick bread and on their package captions you read “made with whole grains” – noticed carefully the words used and you would be able to see that most of the time these breads do not always contain whole wheat. For example, “Made with Whole Grains Gardenia White Bread” uses enriched wheat flour, and not whole wheat flour! Whole wheat only appears 4th on the list of ingredients after water. Would you prefer bread with more water than true good old wheat? I guess not.

#5 Serving Size

This is one portion that’s many-a-time often unlooked! You have to check that out. Let’s say if you were to reduce your calorie intake, choose bread with thinner slices as they weigh less. You have to decide the serving size depending on your personal goals and perspective towards what you want to get!

For example, if you pick Brand “A” bread which has a serving size of 38 grams and 100 calories per slice vs Brand “B” bread with a serving size of 27 grams and 70 calories per slice – in a loaf, you’re actually cutting yourself down on 400+ calories!

p.s. I hope this article has added value in your search for making the right bread choices to stay healthy, fit and looking good!